If I Were God ... 

Most of us, probably, have at least entertained the notion that we could do a better job of running the world than God seems to be doing.

We know all too well the problem of pain.If I Were God
We look at the plethora of religions and worldviews around us and wonder which one, if any, is true.
And when we finally find something that brings us joy, all to often it's taken away or spoilt.

Our If I Were God teaching series this April will enable us to wrestle with some of these issues.  We're going to looking at our experience of life under three statements:

If I were God I’d end all the pain | April 8
If I were God I’d make myself clearer | April 15
If I were God I’d make the good times last forever | April 22
If you've faced circumstances of life that make you think God needs to up his game, or if you've got questions about how the Christian message about Jesus might answer these statement, please join us.  Sunday services are at 10 AM at Cornerstone College, Adelaide Rd, Mount Barker. 
If I Were God Social