Christmas is nearly upon us!
5 minute adventAnd Christmas means we're likely to be busy.
Which means it often gets harder to read the Bible.
And yet we don't want to lose sight of the wonder of Jesus coming into the world!

Introducing The 5-Minute Advent!

Yes, there is lots to marvel and wonder at in the Christmas story; the coming of the eternal God into the world to bring peace for us with the God we've ignored. And we could read for hours every day and never plumb its depths!

But if you're likely to struggle to find time to pause and reflect on the good news of Christmas, we've prepared 25 short readings, that will take less than 5 minutes each day, from December 1. You can read them on your own or with your family, on the bus, or over your morning coffee.  The weeks leading up to Christmas are the time that Christians through the ages have invested in remembering Christ's first coming, and looking forward and preparing for his return. The 5-Minute Advent can help you do that, in just a few minutes each day.

You can download a copy of The 5-Minute Advent, or collect one on Sundays.